Migrate Mendeley library and keep the file references

The following small guide helps to migrate the Mendeley library and the file paths of the linked PDFs. If you have a Mendeley account and all your synched files combined are not exceeding the space limit, then the files are synched through the Mendeley service.

If your collection became quite large, then you can copy the database file between the two computers. The problem however is, that in the database the paths to the files (mainly PDFs) are stored as absolute paths, which are not necessairly the same between the two machines, hence the links to the files are not working anymore.

The following guide shows how to replace the paths inside the Mendeley database. (This guide assumes that all the literature files are stored inside one folder) Continue reading „Migrate Mendeley library and keep the file references“

How to publish with R Markdown in WordPress


With R and Markdown one can create reports for HTML, PDF or even Word (see RStudio Markdown,Markdown). In addition to the comfortable generation of Markdown reports (there is also a LaTeX based version) it is also possible to directly generate WordPress blog entries from R with R Markdown (.Rmd files). This is possible with the RWordPress package that allows to send parts of R Markdown to a WordPress blog.

Download: PublishBlogPosts.pdf

Use the template file to upload your R Markdown files to your WordPress site. First replace Replace in the wordpress chunk on the top of the template file with your WordPress login parameters and url. Then run the wordpress chunk on the top of the template file to publish the content of the template file on your WordPress website.

Download: RMarkdownTemplate.Rmd

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