ImageWell (OS X)

ImageWell screenshotEin kleines und praktisches Programm um Bilder schnell zu ändern mit einem Text, Rahmen, Sprechblase, Kommentar zu versehen und verkleinern ist ImageWell (version 2.22). Man kann die geänderten Bilder auf dem eigenen Computer speichern oder per ftp auf einen Server hochladen. Zudem ist das Ganze auch noch Freeware.

– Resize, Rotate, and Crop images easily
– Drop Shadow Effect (OS X 10.3 or higher)
– Watermark your image with text
– Add 1 of 12 shapes to your image for borders and drop shadows
– Add talking balloons, thought clouds or labels
– Annotate your image with arrows, circles, squares or text
– One click to send image or file to your iDisk, FTP or WebDAV server
– Web Preview and Quality/Size adjustment tool before uploading to the web
– Grab images directly from your screen or digital camera
– Automatically creates URL or HTML tags of uploaded images
– Multiple server locations can be added and stored to your locations list
– URL History for pasting multiple images/links all at once
– Check for Overwrite on Server
– User Specific Options and Settings
– Fully Apple-Scriptable