Wenn Dione Tethys passiert

Wenn Dione Thetys passiert aus der Sicht von der Raumsonde Cassini. Eine Animation aus 53 Bildern von Doug Ellison. (Forum)

I notice by checking out the view on space.jpl.nasa.gov that the animation (and original images) are upside down, with the south pole at the top. These kinds of views are only possible when Cassini is in an orbit that lies in the plane of the rings and the moons‘ orbits. With the ring occultation sequences over, Cassini’s now in this equatorial orbit and will be until next summer. No more cool ring views for a while, but there will be PLENTY of awesome views of the moons coming up! (Quelle: planetary society)

Somit können wir uns auf weitere Bilder der Monde von Saturn freuen.