Sonnensturm letzten Herbst quer durch unser Sonnensystem

Beeindruckender Film der Nasa über die Sonnentätigkeit 25.Okt. – 11. Nov. 2003 den Bericht zu diesem Sonnensturm findet ihr hier: “spacecraft fleet tracks blast wave through solarsystem” 8. Juli 2004
Die Nasa konnte durch die einzelnen Sonden die sich in unserem Sonnensystem auf Reise befinden, den Verlauf dieser Eruptionen durch unser Sonnensystem verfolgen. Mit Ulysses bei Jupiter, Cassini bei Saturn und den beiden Voyagersonden am Rande unseres Sonnensystems.

“It’s striking that this blast wave was powerful enough to generate a magnetic storm all the way out to Saturn, almost ten times farther from the Sun than Earth is,” said Dr. Edward Stone of Caltech/JPL.
“The shocks created by the storms in the inner solar system not only accelerated electrons and protons to high energy, they also trapped the particles in the inner heliosphere. This resulted in elevated radiation levels everywhere between Venus and Mars that decayed only gradually over a period of weeks. This kind of event will have significant implications for radiation protection requirements for explorers who venture outside of the Earth’s protective magnetosphere (magnetic field).

”Over many decades, improvements in weather forecasting have saved lives and property. Space weather forecasting is still in development, but is needed to better protect our space infrastructure and future human and robotic explorers,“ said Carl Walz, Astronaut and Program Executive for Advanced Concepts and Project Prometheus at NASA Headquarters, Washington.” Quelle: “spacecraft fleet tracks blast wave through solarsystem” 8. Juli 2004