The swiss blogosphere in 23 sec

Respectively, the participants of the Swiss blogcamp of switzerland in 23 seconds, a very nice idea by leumund. (All participants? ->nearly ;-)). Been there on Saturday and it was really fun to see some people again and had some good input a nice talks, unfortunately I had to leave early and missed some to chat like tom mentioned. Interesting particpants and talks, I stumpled upon, where Bruno Giussani with his presentation on the bondi blog, steph on multi-lingual blogs and language as a strong boarder in the net and I missed the talk of dannie, but a good summary is on stephs page „Blogging is not about blogging„. Other blogs vitamina b, politikblogs (a funny unexpected meeting), uncondition, metablog (missed), emeidi, cyberwriter (missed), blogwiese

Neben der Diplomarbeit, einfach mal schön geistige, alternativ-Nahrung zu kriegen 🙂

update: Slides online von: How to Grab 100’000+ Media Users Attention von Nicolas Berg (via chuchichaeschtli) praktisch wenn Teilnehmende einer „unconference“ auf dem Web vertreten sind.