CueCard (PC)

Ein kleines aber doch praktisches Programm um Karteikärtchen zu erstellen und auszudrucken. Genau das, was ich gesucht hatte.
download: CueCard (win)

Einige Features:
* All new study modes: Quiz mode and Learn mode
* Double sided printing.
* Pictures now print in addition to text.
* Images now automatically stretch to fit the cards
* Text can be formatted using **bold**, //italic// and __underline__.
* Text is now left justified, however the paragraph itself is centered horizontally.
* Can import .CSV files from Excel in addition to Tab delimited text.
* Now remembers the last directory used to open and save cards.
* Now asks if you really want to exit if there are unsaved changes.
* Card font and text/background color may be customized.
* Program interface can be translated into new languages.

PS: im englischen heissen Karteikärtchen ‚flashcards‘.

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